The newborn has a big job. In a few short months, your child will discover, for better or worse, the world into which they were born. The child desires to explore the world around them because each one is made in God’s own image with a desire to relate to others and their environment.

Physical brain growth is the greatest from birth to six months of age. Brain growth slows down to the age of four and then drops dramatically. These games are designed for the period of greatest brain growth, setting the stage well for all that follows.

To understand this, we can use computer language. The baby is born with a hard drive (God’s image). That is, there is a basic operating system in place to be able to function. Babies have the ability to think, love, communicate, relate, create, and make choices. The child has a desire to learn and have mastery over language and the physical world. The formatting of the child’s “hard drive” during the first two years of life, largely affects the child’s future mental capacity.

Children who are loved and touched learn more. Children who have a variety of experiences and are exposed to a large vocabulary have greater interest in learning, and are predisposed to learn more.

God has uniquely equipped parents to help their child in this exploration. The parents help to install the equivalent of software. For example, the child is born with the ability to learn language. The parents install the software of their own native language. The child then can use language to create their own sentences and stories.

Intelligence is related to the number and variety of general concepts a child is exposed to at a very young age. This exposure stimulates interest and creates a mental infrastructure for retention of particulars.

Both Dads and Moms enjoy playing these games. Enjoy them as you see your child develop in amazing ways in the days and weeks ahead!


Lynn mcgary

Lynn Hatcher McGary, M.A.

Lynn founded her first school at the age of nineteen while a university undergraduate, started special education programs where none existed in public schools, ran a variety of pre-school programs in private schools, wrote a widely used developmental church-based curriculum for two year olds, and founded the nationally recognized Stone Soup – Friends of All Abilities program in 2003.

These unique developmental games were created with her husband, Ross, while rearing their five children.

She grew up in the capitol city of the state of Amazonas, Brazil, where she became fascinated with what worked across cultures in child development. She completed undergraduate and graduate degrees focused on the early development of children who were typical, gifted, or with special needs. She customized games for parents in Appalachia who had few resources to parents who worked at the White House. Some games were to be played in the comfort of home and others while riding in time-consuming, slow commutes during rush hour traffic.